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Setting SMART Goals in 2019

Goal setting is a popular recreational activity this time of year. As with good health, all worthy things usually come about by making and keeping goals. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and not know what sort of goals we should pursue.

An excellent tool that many successful people use in goal setting is the SMART Goal method. SMART Goals are goals that are:

Being specific about your goal will help you stay focused on the pursuit. Having a way to measure the success of your goal will not only help you reconize success, it can also serve as a motivation as you set incremental points that you wish to pass on the journey. All goals should be attainable, do not waste your time in impossible pursuits. Relevance is often a personal decision. If it matters to you, and is meaninful, go for it! Finally, setting a time frame for success will help you stay on task and open up time in the future for other goals. 

Let me share five areas you may want to consider setting goals in 2019:

Engage in more meaningful work.
Give more attention to building meaningful relationships.
Spend more time in the pursuit of excellent physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Find true peace of mind.
Earn enough money to have a great standard of living, eliminate debt, and prepare for retirement.

Achieving your goals is never easy. Unfortunately, when people don’t achieve their goals they end up tolerating what they shouldn’t tolerate, accept what they shouldn’t accept, give up their dreams and go numb to life. Don’t ever give up. Aim high, work hard, and maintain a “Can Do” attitude!

"Few things are as tragic as a low aim" David O. McKay

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For more information check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6_dJd_E2fo


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January 08, 2019
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