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Text Neck Phenomenon

Hey Twin Falls, do you have “Text Neck”?

Text neck is a phenomenon associated with prolonged postures held while texting or using any electronic device. Cervical flexion (head looking down), if coupled with chin protrusion (chin jutted forward) creates significant loads on the spine! You have either observed someone doing this or are currently doing it on any given day. 

To give you an idea of how much load is put on the spine we will break it down for you from 0-60 degrees of cervical flexion.

0 degrees (head is at its natural upright position) = 10-12 pounds of pressure.

15 degrees = 27 pounds of pressure

60 degrees = 60 pounds of pressure! (this is like holding small child on your shoulders)






Likewise the problem may sometimes be at a “rest” position after exercising. This rest position may include sitting while leaning forward, and resting their arms and upper body on their thighs. Not only are we putting substantial stresses on our spine, we are also creating laxity in the ligaments and causing those muscles used to hold the head upright to become weak!


Another cause may be ergonomic issues at the work place or at home, for example, consider these questions as a checklist for problems of unwanted posture shown below!

Are your knees at the same level or just below your hips?


Is your computer screen at the proper height (nose approximately at mid screen)?


Do you have proper back support for the chair?


Come see your Twin Falls Chiropractor here at Blue Lakes Chiropractic and let Dr. Arrington and Dr. Wray educate you on ways to avoid this unwanted posture and reverse the effects of the dreaded “TEXT NECK” phenomenon.


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November 30, 2018
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Dr. Rusty Arrington

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