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How Can Chiropractic Help Foraminal Stenosis

Hey Twin Falls, if you have had nagging low back or neck pain that travels down your arm or leg due to a pinched nerve? Chiropractic may be one of the best things you can do to get well quickly. 

In some instances, a condition that can cause this is called Foraminal Stenosis. This can be caused by degenerative changes or "spurring" of the vertebral bodies then begin to encroach into the neural foramen and can "pinch" the nerve. Neural foramen are small tunnels at each level of spine where the nerves coming from the spinal cord go out to the rest of the body. In other instances, foraminal stenosis can be caused be degeneration of the vertebral discs. They act as shock absorbers for the spine and are located within each level of the spine excluding the top most vertebra. A healthy disc will allow more freedom for the nerve to travel through the canals. As a healthy disc begins to degenerate, you lose the cushion between the vertebrae and can cause narrowing of the canals which can debilitate someone very quickly. As a recap, a pinched nerve can happen due to a bone spur, a degenerating disc or becoming flattening out. In some cases an overgrown ligament apply pressure on the nerve causing similar symptoms. Other symptoms to be aware of are neurological deficits, meaning, you may feel a loss of strength, numbness or tingling down the leg. 

Foraminal canal stenosis is confirmed on an MRI. Once confirmed, then what?

Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve you of the symptoms you are experiencing, they work by helping to open up those foraminal canals and take the pressure off of the nerve. The tunnels, or foraminal canals, are "opened" or “gapped” upon an adjustment of the spine. Not only will it lead to decreased pressure on the nerve, but can improve fuctionality of the spine and increase movement.

Ergonomic changes as taught by the "Evidence Based Chiropractor" in order to decrease symptoms would include improved posture,  proper nutrition, weight management, sitting in a firm straight backed chair to relieve pressure of the low back and maintain proper curvature of the low back, chiropractic manipulation, muscle work and therapies. Other tips would include sleeping on her your with a pillow between the knees, keeping your low back in a neutral position or lying on your back, with one leg (usually the side experiencing the symptoms) in a figure 4 position (knee bent allowing your knee to lay to the side) while leaning away from the pain. This will too open of the formaminal canals allowing more space for the nerve and relieve some pain!

If you have been suffering from a pinched nerve caused by a degenerated or herniated disc, bone spurs, or an overgrown ligament; do not hesitate to reach out to your Twin Falls chiropractor to see if chiropractic care may be the best solution to get you on track and feeling great as quickly as possible. Call Blue Lakes Chiropractic today and let Dr. Arrington "Help YOU get back to being YOU!



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January 10, 2019
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