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Rib Pain in the Magic Valley

Cooler weather invading the Magic Valley has heralded the changing of the seasons. This means our local famers will be harvesting their crops and winter will soon be here. I suspect that these have all contributed to an increase in rib injuries I have seen in Twin Falls.

Sprained and strained ribs can result from “cold” muscles that have been moved in an un-guarded or sudden fashion. Trauma from an accident or repetitive irritation like sneezing is also a common factor. Sneezing is an issue in the Magic Valley as seasonal allergies increases with the harvest.

Any chest pain should be taken seriously. However, if the pain is musculoskeletal, the following tips may help:

Give your ribs a rest. Overload and overuse due to heavy exercise or labor should be avoided. If it causes pain or soreness in the chest, stop doing it! This is particularly important if the rib joints are restricted or dysfunctional.

Muscle spasms in the chest may benefit from heat. If no spasm is present, cold may decrease inflammation and discomfort. Muscle spasms may also benefit from stretching.

If the symptoms are not improving, a visit to our Twin Falls chiropractic and medical clinic may be appropriate. Physiotherapies like e-stim, laser and ultrasound can be more effective. Specific adjustments can be made to improve function and alignment of the rib joints. We can also address spasm and inflammation with medications and herbs to provide a favorable healing environment for the ribs. Finally, a little support from kinesiotape can give those sore ribs a rest while the body heals itself.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a rib issue, give us a call at our Twin Falls clinic and let us "Help You Get Back to Being You"!

Dr. Rusty Arrington
Family Nurse Practitioner
Twin Falls, ID

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September 18, 2017
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Dr. Rusty Arrington

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